What are the names of the breakfast shop

look at the face of this era, for the major stores, can cause the attention of consumers is the name of the shop up. So, if you want to successfully open a breakfast shop, nature also need to have a correct but also aroused public concern of the name, which naturally involves the method of shop name. So, what are the names of the breakfast shop?

breakfast from the name of the shop is also a certain principle, not blindly to get, the name of a breakfast shop is a good relationship between the breakfast shop business. If you get the name of the breakfast from the other people feel that you do not eat breakfast in the store is certainly not good, then the name of the name of the breakfast shop?

1. breakfast shop when considering the impact of the surrounding environment.

The five line of the

2. font and the owner of the shop owner and the business of the cause of the five lines of the principle of mutual or consistent.

3. breakfast shop to be combined with the actual name, let a person know that you run a breakfast shop.

4. attributes of yin and yang to coincide with the name of a breakfast shop owner sex.

5. at seven or eight in the morning, it was the busiest time in the breakfast shop. So be prepared in advance to avoid confusion.

6, although the breakfast market is great, but the health of the breakfast has been a problem, especially some snack stalls. Therefore, operating breakfast must pay attention to health. Hygiene includes food hygiene and personal hygiene of the operators. Personal dress should be neat and clean, the store (dining car) must be clean and tidy, no oil, tableware must be cleaned and disinfected, to be placed neatly, take the money’s hands do not go directly to food…… Good food hygiene habits.

7, the name of the name of the name of the breakfast shop to be consistent with the principles of the business.

8, the name should be simple, easy to let the customer can remember.

9, the name of the breakfast shop, and the ground between Tiange to have strong development of collocation.

10, a breakfast shop to avoid shengpizi name when.

a name how it fit we need starting from more aspects, so as to ensure that the store can have a more appropriate name. So, if you are ready to open a breakfast shop, is to take its trouble, so, now you know how to do?

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