The ten world chocolate brand rankings

When it comes to chocolate,

, whether it’s a hobby or a special meaning, in short, chocolate has been welcomed by many people. Dark chocolate, chocolate cream, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, fruit, nuts, chocolate truffle chocolate fudge and delicious people could stop. So take a look at the world’s top ten chocolate brands list!

the world’s top ten brands of chocolate, NO.01, Switzerland –

is extremely strict quality control, select a good natural raw materials, champagne truffle chocolate is a special feature of the product.

world’s top ten chocolate brands NO.02, Teuscher – Zurich, Switzerland:

fresh, handmade, and not spare neither labor nor money fixing agent and doping chemical preservatives, every piece of chocolate flavor and shape of each other, and decorated. Use the highest quality and most expensive natural ingredients without adding any chemical ingredients, additives or preservatives.

world’s top ten chocolate brands NO.03, Vosges Haut-Chocolat – Chicago, USA:

this is a brand from Chicago, the United States, chocolate and spices, such as herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, nucleoli, etc..

world’s top ten chocolate brands NO.04, Scharffen Berger Maker – California, Berkeley:

, Chocolate

SCHARFFEN BERGER manufacturers continue to look around the world to produce high-quality cocoa beans, which produce a delicious SCHARFFEN BERGER chocolate.

world’s top ten chocolate brands NO.05, Jacques Torres Chocolate – New York, USA:

stepped into the Jacques Torres chocolate shop, just like stepping into a small store in europe. Here is the production of fresh handmade chocolate.

world’s top ten chocolate brands NO.06, Norman Love Confections – Florida Ft. Myers:

Norman Love and her partner have perfected a color

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