Do business to understand customer heart

is now a lot of shopkeepers have a common problem, although want to cater to consumers, but in the time of purchase is always in accordance with their own ideas, so how to get customer recognition? Now the department stores blossom everywhere is very common, and can be roughly the same merchandise categories, therefore, in the business department store, the owner must be smart to more carey read the heart of the customer, in order to make money, but also to make their own store in the fierce competition of the "battle" in the survival and development.

many shopkeepers wonder why their door is sparsely populated, "a deserted house"? Why do people shop "bustling", a very popular commodity? Use your head, think carey, sometimes not your product is not good, is not your service attitude is not good, but just because you have no knowledge of customer psychology, especially women, because women generally is a housewife, is the main force of the consumer "". Only by reading their hearts can they open their wallets!

Why do you say that

read customer heart, in order to make money? Because the customer’s psychology is very important, a lot of time psychological directly determine the customer’s purchase behavior, decide whether the customer to buy your goods. So, how to understand the customer’s psychology? I think that the customer’s mind and you are the owner of the same, as long as the owner learn to observe, learn empathy, will be able to read the hearts of customers, can easily learn the needs of customers, you can get money!

here, I give you a customer psychological help you read a small example, take the female consumers, women generally love with "cheap", generally also love shopping so, gathering in crowds and groups, the owner can not regularly engage in some "buy one", "a gift shopping" marketing tactics to give as bait to attract customers, promote sales.

to do business is not a person’s game, only from the point of view of the real customer, so that it is possible to allow their business to obtain customer recognition. In short, do business like playing chess, playing chess at the three step, chess is high, in order to win! And read the customer heart, is the magic weapon to win the market, but also the best way to make money!

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