Xining held hearings on the price adjustment

Residents living water terminal price from 2.05 yuan / cubic meter to be adjusted to 2.66 yuan / cubic meter

– non resident water supply terminal intends to 3.34 yuan / cubic meter price

– water transfer construction industry intends to 12.16 yuan / cubic meter

sewage treatment fee adjustment reason

slightly adjusted price adjustment scheme

in the control of water supply enterprises operating costs to consider and verify the city factors, price increases, reduce the burden of residents and social aspects on the basis of the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the basis of "preliminary views" on the adjustment of water price in Xining city and city views "on the adjustment of the preliminary examination opinions" Xining city sewage treatment fee the price of water, advised residents from the current 1.30 yuan / cubic meter adjusted to 1.60 yuan / cubic meter; residents sewage treatment fee collection standards from the current 0.52 yuan / cubic meter adjusted to 0.82 yuan / cubic meter. According to the national industrial policy requirements, the price of additional funds should be incorporated into the price of water, it will be the original price of 0.10 yuan per cubic meter of water into the construction of the fund into the water price, no more than a single charge six. The price of water;

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