Xining to implement the 279 million yuan subsidy for poor students to benefit the students of 360 th

last year, the implementation of various types of needy students in Xining, 279 million yuan to benefit the students of 360 thousand. Reporters from the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held in February 25th of the spring meeting was informed that last year completed investment in fixed assets, 960 million yuan to promote the Xining city 6 categories and 142 educational projects, making Xining city between urban and rural areas, between schools in the aspect of software and hardware, more and more small gap.

last year, Xining city to implement the fund insurance of compulsory education, rural compulsory education nutrition improvement program, high school poor students, vocational students grants and other funding policy, implement a total of 279 million yuan of funds, the number of beneficiaries reached 360 thousand passengers.

in addition, the city of Xining last year, has invested 960 million yuan in fixed assets, for 750 million yuan of special funds, focusing on the implementation of the layout adjustment, school safety engineering, school construction standards of 6 categories and 142 educational projects, renovation and new building construction area of 248 thousand and 200 square meters. (author: Chen Jun)

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