East to the annual assessment of the set of the curse

reporter learned from the relevant departments of the Eastern District, the District issued a special notice on the seriousness of the annual target responsibility assessment work discipline, made clear requirements.
strictly in the "relationship", "people": the 5 assessment team to ensure a fair and impartial assessment, assessment personnel prohibited hit "relationship", "human", strictly abide by the provisions of the organization and personnel work discipline and secrecy, shall not accept the assessment unit of red packets and negotiable securities. Not allowed to accept an invitation to dinner by examination unit.
is prohibited by unit bribe for assessment score: 46 assessment units must conscientiously carry out coordination work, adhere to thrift, do not sign the banner, set the table, no fruit, not to engage in shuttle service. Shall not provide false data and information to the assessment team. May not be presented to the assessment team members of red envelopes, securities, etc., shall not arrange dinner activities.
in violation of the provisions of serious accountability: keep the region informed of discipline violations of the "zero tolerance" attitude, clear requirements is the assessment unit, the assessment team to strictly enforce the examination discipline, and published reports of phone, strengthen the dynamic supervision and inspection, in violation of the above provisions, serious accountability and criticism in the region.


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