The Poreč Open Air Festival returns to the streets and squares of Poreč

first_imgFrom June 23 to September 16, Poreč is once again becoming a big open-air stage with the longest and most meaningful domestic festival – Poreč Open Air.After the successful first edition of the festival, which was visited by more than 50.000 domestic and foreign guests last year, the leading tourist company Valamar Riviera in cooperation with sponsors hosted the city of Porec and the Tourist Board of Porec and MPG, organizer of the festival on the streets and squares of Porec and the island Sveti Nikola, brings over a hundred attractive events that will make Poreč an unavoidable destination of top entertainment this summer as well. In a colorful program that includes, among other things live musical evenings, movie screenings under the stars, street performances and theater performances, visitors of all ages and tastes will have the opportunity to enjoy for free.”As the leading tourist company in the country, it is our responsibility to develop the destinations in which we operate and to be a key stakeholder in creating their content. It is the facilities that strengthen the competitiveness of the destination and enrich our guests’ vacation with unforgettable moments. Poreč Open Air is a very good example of such content, which is confirmed by the results of the festival as well as the excellent reactions of our guests returning to the destination. This year’s edition of the festival continues with daily entertainment and a diverse program for all ages, and we have improved many program concepts and are expanding this format to other destinations. ” points out Davor Brenko, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Valamar Riviera.The successful concept of the Poreč Open Air Festival and its significance for the destination was confirmed by Loris Peršurić, Deputy Mayor of the City of Poreč – Parenzo “Poreč has always been a leader in trends in Croatian tourism, and the Poreč Open Air Festival is another proof that our city is constantly working to improve the city’s image through excellent cooperation between the public and private sectors. In addition, the Festival is held in the old town – for film screenings, music and outdoor performances, alleys and squares are used, which come to life in a completely new light. In order to revitalize the old town, just such a way of recognizing the value of our beautiful city is the direction in which we should move, so that our potentials are fully exploited. I believe that this year’s edition of the Festival, whose program is even richer than last year, will gather a large number of fans in Poreč for a good and quality pastime, and that the Poreč Open Air Festival will move forward and become a traditional event that we will always support. “Last year’s success and popularity of the Poreč Open Air Festival is proven by the large number of visitors, who were more than 20 at 50 different festival locations. In more than 000 days of the festival in 100, there were 2016 events and 251 performers, and more than 250 fans. Facebook followed the news and program of the Poreč Open Air Festival on a daily basis. It is precisely the various events combined with the natural and cultural beauties that the city abounds in, the reasons why Poreč was named the best destination for summer vacation tourism in 7.000, and the Poreč Open Air Festival won the prestigious award of the Istrian Tourist Board Golden Goat (Capra d ‘Oro) in the festivals category.Nenad Velenik, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Poreč, concluded that the Poreč Open Air Festival is a key factor in the promotion of Poreč as an exceptional tourist destination “Poreč is a destination that has recognized the positive effect of attracting new guests by organizing large festivals. In its first year, the Poreč Open Air Festival proved to be the leading content for entertaining guests in the destination, and presented our destination as a place of top experience. We are looking forward to hosting the Festival again and to providing many guests of Poreč with additional value and motivation to return to us. The slogan of our visual identity You complete us just confirms the synergy of all participants in tourism to provide our guests with unforgettable moments in Porec. “The program of this central summer event in Poreč will be updated in the coming months, and all information and news can be found at

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