Groundbreaking marks start of construction for Edison District in downtown Overland Park

first_imgThe developing team and Overland Park city leaders celebrated the kickoff of Edison District with a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning.Over the quiet scufflings of a ceremonial dirt turn for the Edison District, the heart of downtown Overland Park clamored with the metallic rumblings of machines already hard at work.At the ceremony Wednesday morning, the developer and city and Overland Park Chamber leaders praised the coming office and retail project at 80th and Marty streets Wednesday morning, while construction workers plugged away on the various other developments on the block.“This is an exciting morning for the city, and you can tell that by the number of councilmembers that show up,” joked Mayor Carl Gerlach, who introduced six Overland Park councilmembers at the groundbreaking ceremony for Edison District.Among the many features for the $54 million Edison District project are a “food hall” concept, large outdoor gathering area, a parking garage with 396 spaces and a surface level parking lot along Overland Park Drive that can double as an event space.‘Event plaza’ envisioned as gathering spot for communityA rendering of the planned common plaza area.The groundbreaking ceremony took place in what will become the common plaza for the Edison District. That outdoor gathering space, combined with the surface parking area, will be 180 percent of the Power and Light District common courtyard area, said Tim Barton, Freightquote founder and developer of Edison District.Barton said the project adds to the growing density in downtown Overland Park, in a similar vein to the Crossroads District in Kansas City, Mo. The Edison District office spaces add to about six new apartment projects as well as a second office space in downtown Overland Park.“It certainly won’t be exactly Crossroads, but it will be an authentic area where people can live and work and eat and be,” Barton said, “and that, in my opinion, will be unique in Johnson County.”Tracey Osborne Oltjen, president and chief executive officer of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, said companies are looking for “cool” workspaces like what is being built as part of Edison District.“Overland Park has long been that city of choice, and now we’re making it even more unique than we have been for the last 60 years or so,” Osborne Oltjen said, adding that the chamber thanks the developing team for investing in the community.Tim Schaffer, real estate broker for the project, noted that the developer still doesn’t have a tenant, making the project financially risky. He asked attendees at the groundbreaking ceremony to consider potential tenants and share their ideas with him.The mayor thanked city leaders and staff and all other stakeholders for their effort in the Edison District project. He also noted that city leaders in Kansas City, Mo., are watching the revitalization of downtown Overland Park.“This can really catapult this downtown area even more,” Gerlach said.The Overland Park council earlier this summer approved $14.4 million in public financing the Edison District, including $10.6 million in tax increment financing for the parking garage as well as a 2 percent community improvement district sales tax within the district that the developer can use for building expenses. It’s among the highest CID tax rates in the county.last_img read more

8 ideas for promoting board advocacy

first_imgby. Leisa GoodmanYour credit union’s board members are a reflection of your institution, and your brand image.Keeping a watchful eye over what that image conveys, and using it to your advantage, can create an easy avenue to maintaining a good reputation and gaining community support, according to Les Wallace, Ph.D., president of Signature Resources, Aurora, Colo., and CUES’ lead presenter in its Board Chair Development Seminar this spring.Wallace recommends the following ideas to help boards project and maintain a positive public presence.Stress that advocacy and public relations are every board member’s job.Craft a standard statement describing your credit union’s role, mission and community purpose, and have it readily available for board member use.Assign specific people for public relations and advocacy; they can include current and past board members, and past officers.Evaluate advocacy efforts often.As advocates and ambassadors for your credit union, board members should get to know state and federal elected officials, and promote political action fundraising and support for candidates. Wallace suggests these roles can be good assignments for past board members who still want to be involved. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

When it comes to CUSO regulation, can’t we all just get along?

first_imgby: Henry MeierA day after the CU Times reported that NACUSO issued a call-to-arms urging credit unions to help fund regulatory and potential legal actions designed to protect CUSOs against regulatory encroachments by the NCUA, it is being reported that Home Depot’s data theft was much more serious than initially reported.  Not only were a mere 56 million credit card accounts compromised, but 53 million email addresses were also stolen.  It now appears that access to the system came from a password stolen from one of the company’s vendors.  Just how many issues does this raise?  Let me count them.Look to you left, look to your right.  Then look down the hallway.  Think about the most technologically incompetent person you have working for your credit union.  Realize that your data security is only as safe as that employee can make it.  Data security starts with your employees.  Only give access to databases to those who truly need it.  The hackers are so sophisticated now that once they have access to a password, they can virtually sneak around your system and find more and more vulnerabilities.I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, and I expect NCUA will be saying it to you shortly:  your vendor contracts are absolutely crucial.  Given the explosion of technology, it is only natural that credit unions are going to turn to vendors.  If they don’t they won’t be able to provide the type of services that members expect.  But turning to the vendor doesn’t absolve the credit union of ultimate responsibility for the services the vendor is providing or the continuing need to protect member information.  Consequently, just like Warren Buffet never invests in a business he doesn’t understand, your credit union should never contract for technology it doesn’t comprehend.  Your vendor relationships must include ongoing monitoring by knowledgeable employees on your staff.  You should make sure that your vendors document on an ongoing basis that they are compliant with the latest data security standards. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Flu Scan for Jun 03, 2013

first_imgShanghai man is 38th H7N9 fatalityA 59-year-old Shanghai man died of H7N9 influenza on May 31, becoming the 38th person to succumb to the infection, according to a report from the Chinese state new agency, Xinhua. The man had been sick for nearly 2 months, the story said.Shanghai, where two of the first three H7N9 cases were reported on Mar 31, has had 33 cases, the report said. Fifteen patients have recovered, 15 died, and 3 are still being treated.Before the death was reported, the official World Health Organization (WHO) count for H7N9 stood at 132 cases and 37 deaths.May 31 Xinhua story Officials report Danish, Dutch H7 avian flu outbreaksOutbreaks of low-pathogenicity H7 avian flu on poultry farms in Denmark and the Netherlands have led to the culling of thousands of birds in both countries to contain the virus, officials reported.In Denmark, authorities culled 1,400 mallards and 12,500 pheasants at a game farm near the city of Viborg, according to a Jun 1 report to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). Surveillance turned up low-path H7 in mallards on May 31 during routine surveillance. Jun 1 OIE reportDutch authorities, meanwhile, culled 11,000 chickens after avian flu was detected at a farm in that country, Reuters reported Jun 1. The Dutch Economic Affairs Ministry said the chickens “were believed to have the low pathogenic H7 strain,” according to the story.Officials established a 1-kilometer safety perimeter around the farm and banned the transport of poultry, eggs, and farm products. Eleven other area farms would be tested for the virus, the story said.In 2003 an H7N7 outbreak led to the culling of 30 million birds, about a third of the Dutch poultry flock, Reuters reported.Jun 1 Reuters storylast_img read more

LAHS Student Leaders Target Teen Suicide

first_imgThe LAHS RAPS Leadership Team. Courtesy photo By BONNIE GORDONLos Alamos Daily Postbjgordon@ladailypost.comThe Los Alamos High School Risk and Resiliency Assessment Project for Students (RAPS) Team Leaders and Natural Helpers led a Community Conversation to address the signs of sadness, self-harm and suicide in youth, Sept. 24 at UNM-Los Alamos and gave a presentation Oct. 3 to the Los Alamos Community Health Council.“The Community Conversation was designed to inform parents and community members about mental health concerns and offer practical tips and an opportunity for solution focused discussion about strategies and resources,” Healthy Schools Initiative Program Coordinator Kristine Coblentz told the Los Alamos Daily Post.The CHC presentation included scientific data, safety tips, protective factors, a summary of Los Alamos counseling staff resiliency activities and a demonstration of effective helping skills, Coblentz said. They handed out a resource sheet detailing suicide myths vs. facts, warning signs and behaviors, and ways to reach out for help including the Say Something Anonymous App, anonymous reporting app.The information was welcomed with great interest by CHC members since behavioral health is one of the priorities of the Health Council, she said. The Council is coordinated by Deni Fell of the Los Alamos County Social Services Department.“These student leadership groups are both interested in learning more about emerging issues, supporting their peers and making positive changes in their communities,” Coblentz said. “This is the most effective youth leadership development program I’ve ever worked with. Students learn to analyze data, organize meetings, work together and speak in public.”This is the third year RAPS has been in existence at the LAHS.“We want to start a team at the Middle School next year,” Coblentz said.“It’s the first time the students have analyzed their own data,” Coblentz said.To continue the discussion, students in LAHS health classes will be watching the recently released documentary “Screenagers the Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience”, which is about helping young people thrive in our screen and stress-filled world, Coblentz said.LAPS staff and community members will have opportunities to see the film as well and discuss solutions for navigating the digital world and dealing with the associated challenges. Screen time’s effect on adolescent sleep and the resulting mental health effects is just one of the issues discussed in the film, Coblentz said.A staff screening is set for 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17 in the Los Alamos High School Speech Theater. Parenting University will feature the film and a discussion Saturday Oct 19 at UNM-LA. Parenting University is a collaboration between the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) and Los Alamos Public Schools. Parents can register at also sponsors Youth Mental Health First Aid Training. The next free class is Oct 30. Register at“It is so important that we build skills and comfort with supporting people who are experiencing a behavioral health challenge,” Coblentz said. “If someone you know is struggling emotionally or having a hard time, you can be the difference in getting them the help they need. It’s important to take care of yourself when you are supporting someone through a difficult time, as this may stir up difficult emotions. If it does, please reach out for support for yourself. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.”LAPS RAPS Community Conversation InformationStrengthening Support: Addressing the signs of sadness, self-harm, and suicide  Know the Myths vs. Facts – helping someone through a suicidal crisis can be lifesavingMyth #1“If someone is really suicidal, they are probably going to kill themselves at some point no matter what you do.” What we know to be true:Multiple studies have found that >90 percent of the most serious attempters do not go on to die by suicideMost people are suicidal for a short period of timeMyth #2“Asking a depressed person about suicide may put the idea in their head.” What we know to be true:Asking does not suggest suicide or make it more likelyOpen discussion is more likely to be experienced as relief than intrusionMyth #3“There’s no point in asking about suicidal thoughts … if someone is going to do it, they won’t tell you.” What we know to be true:Many will tell a clinician when asked, even if they would never volunteer this info Many people give some hints/ warnings to friends or familyMyth #4“Someone making suicidal threats won’t really do it, they are just looking for attention.” What we know to be true:Those who talk about or express thoughts about wanting to die are at risk 80 percent of people who die by suicide give some indication or warningMyth #5“If you stop someone from killing themselves one way, they’ll probably find another.” What we know to be true:Restricting access to lethal means has strong evidence as a suicide prevention strategyWarning Signs – Key SymptomsPSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN:  Hurt, anguish, or misery in the mindSTRESS: Feeling of being pressured or overwhelmedAGITATION: Emotional urgency, feeling the need to take actionHOPELESS: Expectation that things will not get better no matter what NEGATIVE SELF-IMAGE: Disliking oneself, having feelings of low self-worthWarning Signs – Key BehaviorsIncreasing use of alcohol or drugsLooking for a way to end their lives, such as searching online for methodsWithdrawing from activities and/or isolating from family and friendsSleeping too much or too littleFatigue or agitationVisiting or calling people to say goodbyeGiving away prized possessionsAggression, irritability and/or recklessnessThis Information is from Columbia University and ASPYR (Alliance-building for Suicide Prevention & Youth Resilience).To learn more about RAPS, visit Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.(TALK)8255 or text START to 741741New Mexico Crisis Line 1.855.662.7474, Warm Line 1.855-466.7100Use the Say Something Anonymous App to report a concern – the app A Friend Asks from the Jason Foundation, which includes warning signs, how to help a friend, and how to get help now Members of LAHS Natural Helpers and RAPS Leadership team Oct. 3 presenting to the Community Health Council. Courtesy photolast_img read more

Fraud fears over RTA portal fee cap

first_imgClaimant solicitors have reacted with concern to government proposals to cap at £300 the fee for low-value road traffic claims handled through the RTA portal. The proposal emerged at roundtable discussions on the future of the portal with justice minister Jonathan Djanogly (pictured) last Thursday. Djanogly was told that massive cuts to fees would increase the number of fraudulent claims, especially at a time when the maximum value of claims eligible for the portal is set to rise from £10,000 to £25,000. Djanogly’s starting point, to reduce the fees cap from £1,200 to as little as £300, prompted widespread concern among attendees. John Spencer, from Spencers Solicitors, said: ‘Stage two of the portal requires up to five-and-a-half hours of work. Once the costs of running a business properly are taken out, there is nothing left from £300. ‘If you shave costs to these rates people will cut corners or not apply a professional approach. This does nothing to cut spurious claims – indeed it can only spread the risk of fraud.’ The Ministry of Justice has insisted no figures have been finalised and it will listen to stakeholders before its consultation on the portal finishes in May. But there are concerns among claimant lawyers that pressure from above – David Cameron used his first speech of 2012 to call for legal costs to be cut – will force reforms to be rushed through. Labour peers in the House of Lords attempted to halve portal fees earlier this month through an amendment to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders bill. Djanogly wrote to stakeholders last month saying the government planned to revise costs, subject to the consultation.Government proposals to use the portal set-up for employer and public liability claims have also alarmed some lawyers. Deborah Evans, chief executive of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, said there were significant differences between employer liability and RTA claims over liability, locating insurers and the complexity of medical reports. ‘Cases are diverse and liability is invariably denied, which means automatic exit from the portal,’ she said.If the portal approach is to be extended, she said, ‘sound evidence must be collected to establish what the work actually costs. The process will need to be mapped, costed and then bespoke portals created.’last_img read more

Las Vegas hospitals cover medical costs for mass shooting victims

first_img LAS VEGAS (KFVS/RNN) Las Vegas hospitals are stepping up to aid the victims of the Oct. 1 mass shooting by paying off their uninsured medical costs.University Medical Center, Sunrise Hospital and St. Rose Dominican are among the hospitals that took in victims regardless of their financial situations.University Medical Center and St. Rose Dominican have received donations from the community and UMC said it has used that money to cover the victims’ expenses.MORE: Iraq veteran took stranger’s truck to help Las Vegas victimsSunrise Hospital said that they would be extremely sensitive to the financial status of the shooting victims according to KTNV.On Oct. 1, gunman Stephen Paddock fired off a barrage of shots from a fully automatic weapon into a crowd of people at a country music festival in Las Vegas, NV, leaving more than 500 people injured and more than 50 dead. Paddock shot at the crowd from the 32nd floor on the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.There are reportedly still 26 victims in critical condition in Vegas hospitals, according to the Las Vegas Sun.MORE: Naples man bonded with Las Vegas victim over truck one year ago SHARE Published: October 12, 2017 9:39 AM EDT Updated: October 12, 2017 11:23 AM EDT Las Vegas hospitals cover medical costs for mass shooting victims center_img Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know. Author: KFVS last_img read more

Transmashholding sales up 38%

first_imgTransmashholding salesType20102011ChangeDiesel locos (sections)9615259%Shunters9512633%Electric locos (sections)3784139%Electric locos (industrial)1533120%Metro cars29834315%Wagons3 1664 65247% RUSSIA: Transmashholding has announced total sales of 106·3bn roubles for 2011, up 38% on the figure for 2010. The company said this growth was driven by fleet renewal programmes being undertaken by its customers, in particular Russian Railways.Products launched in 2011 included the EP20 electric locomotive for RZD and the diesel multiple-units being built by TMH subsidiary Metrovagonmash for Serbian Railways. The first of the 12 DMUs entered service between Beograd and Vrsac in March. During 2011 TMH also introduced the 12-3090 open wagon design, and its Tver Carriage Works subsidiary developed the 61-4483 and 61-4484 accommodation vehicles for maintenance and security escort staff. TMH’s Bryansk plant has completed certification testing of a prototype TEM18V diesel shunter powered by an 882 kW Wärtsilä engine. The locomotive is based on the TEM18DM, and as well as the new power plant features onboard telemetry intended to reduce downtime. TMH says the new design will be 30% more efficient than a ChME3. The main fan wheel is made of plastic, and Gulfstream preheating is fitted. last_img read more

Woman looking for justice disrupts function attended by President Magufuli

first_imgA middle-aged woman caught the attention of Tanzanian President John Magufuli when she stepped forward waving a placard during the event to mark the Law Day at Mahakama grounds on Thursday.Ms Swahaba Shosi in her red dress made it easier for everyone to notice her as she waved a placard with the inscription, “Police, the DPP and the Judiciary are conspiring to deny me the right to inherit property left by my husband even though I have all legal documents.”VIDEO COURTESY: BONGO STARS a video shared online, she caught Mr Magufuli’s attention, leading him to order policemen to allow her to come near the dais where he was seated. This was shortly after the Head of State had concluded his speech.Narrating her complaints, the woman said she has been blocked by dishonest members of the Judiciary, police and private advocates from securing the right to gain control of property left by he departed husband Mohamed Shosi who died in 2012.“I have come all the way from Tanga just to meet Mr President after the failure of all efforts that I have so far taken,” she said emotionally, trying hard to contain herself.She also narrated how she has been receiving death threats via SMS from unknown people, a matter she has been reporting to the police since 2012.President Magufuli did not interrupt her until she was done. He then asked IGP Mangu to clarify the matter which he did and went ahead to state that the matter was referred to the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the DPP’s offices. He heaped blames on advocates, whom he said were responsible for prolonging the matter, saying the police force would address the matter as soon after it was reported.Mr Magufuli ordered the judges to speedily listen to her case. He also directed the chief justice, who was present, to give the woman his phone number so that she can follow up with him on the case’s progress.Mr Magufuli also ordered the police boss to ensure that Ms Shoshi gets full protection.last_img read more

Thousands bid farewell to Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai

first_imgMourners watch as the coffin passes at the funeral parade held for the late Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai in Harare, Zimbabwe February 19, 2018. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo Mourners watch as the coffin passes at the funeral parade held for the late Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai in Harare, Zimbabwe February 19, 2018. REUTERSThousands of people gathered to bid farewell to Zimbabwe’s veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Tuesday.Tsvangirai died last week in South Africa, after a 2-year battle with cancer.Tsvangirai will be laid to rest at his rural home in Buhera later on Tuesday. Before his body left Harare it was given a rousing send-off by thousands for whom he stood.The newly elected interim leader, Nelson Chamisa consoled party faithful assuring them the cause for which their late leader fought would be realised.“We are going to bury his body, but we are not going to bury his ideas. The ideas we will bring back. The idea of a new Zimbabwe. The idea of democratic and inclusive dispensation, Chamisa said. “The idea of a people whose working rights are being respected. The idea of democracy. The idea of freedom. The idea of the right of young people to have dignity in Zimbabwe.”While they may be mourning, tens of thousands of them have vowed to honour Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy by delivering the 2018 election to the opposition MDC.”Tsvangirai had forged an alliance with six other parties to challenge the ruling ZANU-PF in polls due later this year.The coalition will have to settle on a new flag bearer following his death.Tsvangirai’s own party, divided over his successor, is hoping to use his death as a rallying point to heal the rifts.last_img read more