Everyone Orchestra Presents Free Concert in Denver

first_imgEveryone Orchestra, under the conduction of Matt Butler, is teaming up with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to bring an incredible group together for a free show at Denver’s Sculpture Park at 4:20PM on August 28th the day before Phish‘s 3 night run at Dicks Sporting Goods Arena.The line-up of artists consists of Kyle Hollingsworth and Michael Kang (of the String Cheese Incident), Kai Eckhardt (of Garaj Mahal), Jennifer Hartswick (of Trey Anastasio Band), Al Achnier (of Moe.), Bridget Law (of Elephant Revival), and Dave Watts and Jans Ingber (of The Motet).A press release for the event states:The Everyone Orchestra conductor/founder Matt Butler has taken its participants, both on stage and off, on improvisational journeys with the most diverse of lineups at festivals, theaters and philanthropic events both nationally and internationally. A laundry list of hundreds of musicians, dancers, singers, guest conductors and community organizers have embraced the experience of EO in single shots of musical adrenaline to the soul. Tuning in to his energy, the band and audience utilize the Conductor as their pivot to the set mood of each passing jam as he communicates with the musicians using hand sings, whiteboard and assorted mime suggestions.This concert is sure to be an event that you’re not going to want to miss!last_img read more

Watch ‘Dark Water’ From Max Creek’s Marathon New Year’s Eve Performance

first_imgBeloved jam band Max Creek got to work last week, celebrating the New Year with an absolute blow out performance at The Stafford Palace Theater in Stafford, CT. The band gave a monumental three set performance, opening with some original tunes before diving into a full Prince set, and returning with a mixture of originals and covers to usher in the New Year with a 2.5 hourlong set. What a show!Thanks to mikefourtwenty420 on YouTube, we now have footage of “Dark Water” from set one. Enjoy it below:The full setlist can be seen here:Setlist: Max Creek At The Stafford Palace Theater, Stafford, CT – 12/31/15Set I: You Write The Book -> Dark Water, Mama Tried, Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever -> Freeborn ManSet II: Drum Jam > Party Like It’s 1999, Little Red Corvette, Alphabet Street, Darling Nikki, Kiss, Purple RainSet III: Countdown Jam -> New Year’s Countdown, Auld Lang Syne, Midnight Hour > New Year Jam > Field > Copperhead Road, Twist & Shout, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You, If You Ask Me, Drums, Outside Of Home > The Other One > I Wanna Die Easy > Down In The Jungle, Down On The Farm, You’re The Only One -> Just A RoseEncore: Citieslast_img read more

Stand Up to Cancer hosts dinner

first_imgCancer patient survivors, caretakers, students and families who have been affected by cancer celebrated the lives of local heroes at the third annual “Don’t Stop Believin’ Celebration of Life” dinner Saturday night, hosted by Saint Mary’s Stand Up to Cancer club.Christie Hutch, a junior at Saint Mary’s and president of the Stand Up to Cancer club said everyone present made a difference.“Everyone who comes really is a hero. Whether they have dealt with cancer personally or taken care of someone who has or whatever the case may be, I think it’s important to recognize these people,” Hutch said.To start off the evening, local 12-year-old rising star Justin McCormick sang “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. The talented young singer has been on a variety of singing shows and is in the process of building his career, Hutch said.“He does a lot of things for the American Cancer Society and sings at the Relay for Life every year,” Hutch said, “His main song that he sings at all these competitions and things is ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ and because that’s the name of our event, he asked if he could perform.”At the event, guests enjoyed an Italian buffet dinner catered by Sodexo and were given raffle tickets for a free auction that included baskets donated by families of club members and local businesses such as Edible Arrangements, Let’s Spoon and Flourish Boutique, Hutch said. She said the event was purely a celebration, not a fundraiser.“Every other event [the club] does is primarily a fundraiser. … We raise money for the national organization which is great because that goes purely towards cancer research, but this is the one thing we do that’s local and it’s to show our support as a community and as a college and as a club,” Hutch said.To raise awareness for the event, the club placed a press release in the South Bend Tribune and hung posters around campus and in local areas including Memorial Hospital, Hutch said. She said approximately 75 people attended the event.“Students joined the guests for dinner, and I think everyone learned something from talking to [the guests].  For me, it was their attitudes that affected me so profoundly,” Hutch said. “Each individual seemed to truly understand and embody the importance of living in the moment.“The families whom I sat with at dinner said that battling cancer really made them realize that you can’t sweat the small stuff. It was so inspiring for me and the other students to hear this from our guests.”Junior Bridget Condon said she was touched by cancer patient who spoke during dinner.“He spoke about his experience with cancer and how the Saint Mary’s nursing students always made his treatment days a little better,” Condon said, “It really spoke to what we, not just as a club, but as a college, are all about. Whether we realize it or not, each and every one of our little acts of service can make a huge difference in the lives of other people,” she said.Condon said she hopes the event made people aware of the immense local support available for those battling with cancer.“It was great to be able to treat these heroes to a worry free night of fun,” Condon said. “While we cannot do everything, we can certainly do some things to show our love and support in their battles.”Tags: Stand Up to Cancerlast_img read more

Phil Wood – New BMX Annihilator 2 Hubs, Alloy Five Pawl Freehub Body &…

first_imgPhil Wood’s rear hubs are moving to a new 30-tooth ratchet with five pawls (these are shown with the current 20-tooth ratchet ring). They’ll also offer a new alloy freehub body alongside their standard stainless steel version. Campy version, too, and can be retrofitted to existing Phil hubs. Reversible if you really want to run your drivetrain on the left by popping out the ratchet ring and installing a reversed piece. Should be out in October.This prototype alloy crankset was done for Brett Horton for the custom mixte frame shown at NAHBS this year, so it’s a bit wide. They’ll narrow down the Q-factor if it makes it to production. Very lightweight and quite classy looking. Phil Wood had a few new goodies to show at Eurobike. Above are the new Annihilator 2 BMX hubs.  The new A2’s will retail for $179 front and $207  rear. They use larger size bearings with oversize axles. Essentially, it’s a beefed up design of their original Annihilator. Available now.Not pictured is a collaboration with White Industries on a stainless steel belt drive hub. WI makes the adapter and Phil makes the cog out of stainless steel because no special coating is required to improve durability versus an alloy cog, but it was a bit heavy. Looked fantastic, though.last_img read more

Kiplinger: Vermont among ‘Least Tax Friendly’

first_imgThe 10 leasttax-friendly states(link is external)States wheregroceries are taxable(link is external)States with thehighest sales tax(link is external)States with thehighest gas taxes(link is external)States with thehighest beer taxes(link is external) Vermont Inheritance and Estate TaxesVermont has no inheritance tax, but it does have an estate tax if property exceeds $2.75 million. The maximum estate tax rate is 16%. Sales Tax6% state levy. Municipalities can add 1% to that, but the average combined rate is 6.17%. Clothing and shoes are exempt. No sales tax on groceries. Soda, however, is taxable. Taxes On Wireless Service8.5% Kiplinger methodology(link is external)The 2017 Kiplinger Tax Map features comprehensive tax profiles of each state, a list of the 10 most tax-friendly states(link is external) and a list of the 10 least tax-friendly states(link is external), as well as additional roundups including states with the highest(link is external) and lowest gas taxes(link is external), no income taxes(link is external), highest sales taxes(link is external) and more.The Tax Map is a sister project to Kiplinger’s annual Retiree Tax Map(link is external)—which reveals senior tax breaks across all 50 states, and compares taxes on income (including Social Security benefits, pensions and other forms of retirement income), property, everyday purchases, and, ultimately, your estate.About KiplingerFor nine decades, the Kiplinger organization has led the way in personal finance and business forecasting. Founded in 1920 by W.M. Kiplinger, the company developed one of the nation’s first successful newsletters in modern times. The Kiplinger Letter, launched in 1923, remains the longest continuously published newsletter in the United States. In 1947, Kiplinger created the nation’s first personal finance magazine. Located in the heart of our nation’s capital, the Kiplinger editors remain dedicated to delivering sound, unbiased advice for your family and your business in clear, concise language. Become a fan of Kiplinger on Facebook(link is external) or Kiplinger.com(link is external) and follow Kiplinger on Twitter(link is external), LinkedIn(link is external) and Tumblr(link is external).See more from the Kiplinger Tax Map collectionThe 10 mosttax-friendly states(link is external)States withno income tax(link is external)States withno sales tax(link is external)States with thelowest gas taxes(link is external)States with thelowest beer taxes(link is external) The Bottom LineLeast Tax-FriendlyVermont’s effective tax rates are lower than those imposed in nearby New York, but it’s a pricey place to live if you’re wealthy — among other policies, Vermont limits deductions for high-incomers. Also, Vermont’s property taxes are among the ten highest in the U.S., according to the Tax Foundation. It’s one of Kiplinger’s top ten least tax-friendly states(link is external). Travel TaxesHotel: Lodging tax is 9%, paid in lieu of sales tax. Many municipalities add 1%. The cities of Burlington and Rutland have their own lodging taxes.Rental cars: 9% Income Tax RangeLow: 3.55% (on up to $37,950 of taxable income for singles and up to $63,350 for joint filers)High: 8.95% (on taxable income over $416,700 for single filers and over $421,900 for joint filers)Low: 3.55% (on up to $37,950 of taxable income for singles and up to $63,350 for joint filers)High: 8.95% (on taxable income over $416,700)Effective tax rate: 3.6%/individual, 5.2%/jointMotor Fuel Taxes Vehicle TaxesSales tax due on purchases. Sin TaxesCigarettes: $3.08 per packSnuff & other smokeless tobacco: $1.87 per ounceCigars: Variable by price; as high as $4 per cigarBeer: $0.27 per gallon (6% alcohol and above, $0.55 per gallon)Wine: $0.55 per gallonLiquor: $7.71 per gallon.Vermont directly controls the distribution and sale of alcohol. Liquor tax is an estimate by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and published by the Tax Foundation. Vermont Business Magazine Vermont continues to rank as a “high tax” state. Kiplinger, a national business forecasting firm, has released its rankings of the best and worst states for taxes. The list was unveiled as part of Kiplinger’s fifth annual Tax Map, which reveals income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, “sin” taxes (for products such as alcohol and tobacco) and other tax rules and exemptions across all 50 states and Washington, DC. Vermont has high taxes on income and property, but is relatively low on sales.“As Congress mulls a new federal tax plan that may cut rates and eliminate deductions, Americans should also keep an eye on state and local taxes,” said Robert Long, Managing Editor at Kiplinger.com.  “Depending on where you’re living, state income taxes and property taxes cost thousands of dollars every year. Now, more than ever, Kiplinger.com’s Tax Map is an essential tool for people of all ages, backgrounds and career stages.”The 10 Most Tax-Friendly States:WyomingAlaskaSouth DakotaFloridaNevadaNorth DakotaDelawareArizonaLouisianaMississippiThe 10 Least Tax-Friendly States:MarylandMinnesotaNew YorkIllinoisMaineVermontHawaiiCaliforniaConnecticutNew Jersey Gasoline: Gasoline: $0.30 per gallon.Diesel: Diesel: $0.32 per gallon. Property TaxesThe median property tax on Vermont’s median home value of $217,500 is $3,795.See Kiplinger.com’s Retiree Tax Map(link is external) for details on tax breaks for seniors in Vermont. SOURCES: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Kiplinger. 10.6.2017. State tax departments, the American Petroleum Institute, the Tax Foundation, the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.last_img read more

Invasive stink bugs are back — and looking to spend the winter inside your home

first_imgJohnson County K-State Research and Extension officials say reports of the brown marmorated stink bug have been on the increase in Johnson County in recent years.If you’ve noticed a crowd of six-legged, uninvited visitors creeping around your doors and windows in recent weeks, you’re not alone.The brown marmorated stink bug is back out in force — and they’re looking for a place to spend the winter.The invasive species, which originates from east Asia, was first reported in the eastern United States in 1998. It’s been slowly working its way west ever since, and was confirmed in Missouri back in 2013. Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly prevalent here in Johnson County.“[We] have been getting reports for three or four years,” said Johnson County K-State Research and Extension Horticulture Agent Dennis Patton. “Reports seem to be increasing.”The insects don’t pose any real health risk to people. They aren’t vectors for any diseases, and they don’t bite. But, as their name would indicated, they do emit an unpleasant odor if they’re crushed or disturbed.Stink bugs do post a nuisance to backyard gardens and large-scale agriculture during the summer months, when they feed on leaves and crops. But their feeding slows this time of year as they look for a place to overwinter — and human dwellings are an attractive place to do just that.“They need the warmth of the home to over winter,” Patton said. “So they are attracted by the warming of the sun. Of course finding their ways through small openings.”Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot that can be done to prevent the bugs from trying to get inside a home. Experts recommend keeping screens and doors tight and looking to seal any cracks around the frames, because the bugs need only the slightest gap to make entry.For bugs that have found their way in, it’s best to try to gently relocate them outside using a tissue, as squishing them will cause the “stink” that gives them their name. Vacuum cleaners can also be an effective tool to remove both live and dead stink bugs from inside a home.last_img read more

Ready for a national brand?

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by. Samantha PaxsonWe hear it all the time: You probably do, too. Credit unions shouldn’t be the best-kept secret in financial services. But if they’re going to break the consumer awareness barrier, credit unions need a national brand.Get ready to take on the challenge. CO-OP has launched a new consumer website, www.co-opcreditunions.org, designed to raise consumer awareness and elevate the credit union brand. We tell the credit union story, introduce the lifelong benefits of membership and provide individual credit unions with the opportunity to connect with new members.And that’s just the beginning. CO-OP’s “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams.” campaign also includes ready-made marketing materials to help consumers make the switch to your credit union.Want to know more? Join CO-OP team members and indy musician/campaign spokesperson Daria Musk for a live webinar that takes you step by step through CO-OP’s new consumer initiative and helps you identify and overcome the challenges connected with raising consumer awareness. continue reading »last_img read more

P.B. Bell adds four properties to management portfolio

first_imgP.B. Bell, a leader in multi-family housing development, management and acquisitions, has added four properties to its growing management portfolio.  The additions expand P.B. Bell’s reach in the East Valley with properties in Gilbert, Tempe, Old Town Scottsdale and North Scottsdale.“Our goal is to maximize the resident experience at every apartment community we manage, and we’re looking forward to leading the team of experienced professionals that extends P.B. Bell’s brand of superior customer service and efficiency at each of these four new communities in our management portfolio, ” Debbie Willis, P.B. Bell’s president and designated broker of property services, said.Two properties developed by Trinsic Residential Group, a new client for P.B. Bell, offer luxury living near Arizona State University and in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.  Aura on Broadway, a 187-unit community under development at 1245 E. Broadway Road in Tempe, will feature a range of floor plans from studio to three-bedroom apartments.  The community’s resort-style amenities and entertainment-oriented common areas include a bike repair shop, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.Meanwhile, The Standard, under construction across the street from Hotel Valley Ho in Old Town Scottsdale, will share amenities with the luxury boutique hotel.  The three-story, 134-unit community will offer luxury living spaces accented by high-end interior features and complimented by resort-style common areas.Two established communities through existing clients, Olive East in Gilbert and Morningside at Scottsdale Ranch in North Scottsdale, round out the additions.Olive East, located at 65 E. Olive Ave. in Gilbert, is positioned within the Heritage District in Gilbert, a lively, reimagined stretch of downtown that includes marquee dining and nightlife.  The 120-unit community offers easy accessibility to the U.S. 60 freeway and is close to shopping and popular restaurants.Morningside at Scottsdale Ranch, located at 10455 E. Via Linda in Scottsdale, offers a comfortable living experience near popular retail and dining with freeway accessibility.  Tonya Batson, named 2015 Apartment Manager of the Year by the Arizona Multihousing Association, will serve as manager for the 160-unit community.last_img read more

Do drugs make people more creative?

first_imgDemetrovics told PsyPost it was surprising how little research had been conducted on the topic. “Compared to how much talk there is about this in the media, we know practically nothing on this issue. Fourteen empirical studies: that’s a very low number.”The past research had several methodological problems, such as small sample sizes, non-standardized assessment methods, and self-reported data. The review of past research found a general association between creativity and substance use. But it failed to turn up any substantial evidence that drug use directly increased creativity. “The results that we have suggest no direct link between the two,” Demetrovics said.There was some evidence that those with higher creativity are more likely to use drugs. And there was some evidence that drugs could significantly alter a person’s stylistic approach, without necessarily increasing creative production. Demetrovics was also involved in a qualitative study of 72 artists. The majority of the participants said that alcohol and cannabis helped to facilitate creativity. They told researchers that the drugs could be used as “tools in balancing the extreme emotional states that are present during the creative process.”The study, “Creativity and Psychoactive Substance Use: A Systematic Review“, was also co-authored by Fruzsina Iszáj and Mark D. Griffiths. Email Share Share on Twitter Share on Facebookcenter_img LinkedIn Pinterest Many people, including some prominent artists, claim that using psychoactive substances like LSD increase their creativity. But a review of studies suggests the link between drugs and creativity is still a scientific uncertainty. “Creativity is often associated with substance use (in the media or among substance users), however it was not clear if this assumption has any scientific support or not,” explained study author Zsolt Demetrovics of Eötvös Loránd University. “That’s what we were interested in. We wanted to see if it’s a myth or if there are any scientific findings that underline this assumption.”The researchers conducted a systematic review, and uncovered 14 empirical studies and five case studies regarding the relationship between psychoactive substances and creativity. last_img read more

CARICOM: Manage by Results! (To cure “implementation deficit disorder”)

first_img In his remarks, His Excellency Governor Pearce emphasised the need to drastically simplify delay-prone bureaucratic procedures and to break the cycle of chained consultancies on consultancies on consultancies. For example, “if you want to go on leave you fill in a form and then it has to go round about 10 people. By the time it eventually comes back to you to confirm you can go on leave you’re near retirement.” Likewise, “there are consultancy reports analyzing previous consultancies going back decades; and there’s a consultancy on every conceivable thing you can think of.” (The Governor’s remarks were picked up in news reports and have sparked a wider public discussion, as TMR has reported.[5]) Premier Romeo then emphasised the ongoing, much needed shift to a more results-based expedited implementation of priority projects and programmes that consults with and is accountable to stakeholders. Including, voters. Ambassador Dr Soeknandan gave introductory remarks on the behalf of CARICOM.  She pointed to the “implementation deficit disorder” and noted that CARICOM is not a third party in the region, we are Caricom. In July 2014 CARICOM adopted a five-year strategic plan aimed at economic growth, reducing environmental vulnerability, integration, better communication and equity for all.   Resource Based Management (RBM) seeks to shift focus and assessments from activities (such as training) towards achieving strategic results. RBM is based on accountability for results, including to our taxpayers. Montserrat’s Premier Donaldson Romeo welcomes the CARICOM RBM delegation headed by CARICOM Secretariat’s Deputy Secretary-General Ambassador Manorma Soeknandan (2nd right) and including Director of CARICOM Secretariat’s Strategic Management Unit (right), as HE Governor Pearce looks on Mr. Craig Beresford, Director of CARICOM’s Strategic Management Unit,  summarised the CARICOM Strategic Plan 2015 – 19.[6] He noted that many stakeholders across the region do not feel the presence and benefits of CARICOM, pointing to communication/ awareness and effectiveness issues. Effects of the 2008 – 9 global economic crisis linger across the region. Environmental vulnerability can be seen from how the 2017 hurricane wiped out a year’s GDP for Dominica. Regional decision-making is weak and slow, e.g. a regional rights agreement took fourteen years to complete.  The region is not short on plans, implementation is a key gap. Going forward a logical framework approach and a scorecard system will increase accountability. Consultant Mr. Evan Green then made a slide presentation on Results Based Management. RBM moves beyond the pattern of twenty years ago where the focus was on what was done rather than what was achieved. At that time, the number one progress indicator for many projects was “number of people trained,” and the number two indicator was “number of workshops held.” Instead, RBM emphasises accountability over delivering strategic results and benefits to stakeholders. RBM has thus become the preferred approach of International Development Partners (aka donor agencies), many states and Non-Government Organisations. Considered from a life cycle point of view, in RBM there is an outer loop of planning, monitoring and evaluation. (This loop is common to all management.) Stakeholder participation is at the pivot. The RMB cycle has five phases: 1] Vision-setting 2] Defining the results map and RBM framework 3] Planning for monitoring and evaluation 4] Implementation with monitoring 5] Managing that uses evaluation Results-based Management (RBM) also incorporates Project Cycle Management [7] and Management of Programmes of Action as components. It also makes use of logical framework [8] (“log frame”) tools and scorecards that track achievement of results. CARICOM is emphasising gender concerns in all of this process. The “log frame” project and programme planning approaches focus on inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and long-term impacts on the economy, our society and our natural environment. There is also an emphasis on using open source information technology tools and on common standards. CARICOM’s top-level priorities are: 1] Economic: sustainable, resilient growth 2] Social: improved quality of life for all 3] Environmental: reduced vulnerability 4] Technology: innovative, ICT-enabled economies and society 5] CARICOM Identity/Community: an integrated community with equity for all 6] Governance: strengthening community governance 7] Co-ordinated International Relations: CARICOM is favourably positioned in the global community. In order to successfully implement RBM and achieve these results, capacity has to be built both in CARICOM and in member countries. Including, here in Montserrat. After the presentations, the session was opened up for a question and discussion period, as part of the needed stakeholder participation. Much of that discussion highlighted a communication deficit, so that people do not “feel” CARICOM’s presence and impacts.  Indeed, some people who work with or use services of CARICOM agencies do not recognise that these bodies are CARICOM at work – “CARICOM” lacks brand recognition. Another concern was the tendency of international development partners to specifically exclude Overseas Territories such as Montserrat from funding on grounds that they should look to the UK or the like; though there are notable exceptions such as a recent fisheries project. Montserratian Officials pointed out that it is then a considerable challenge to negotiate line by line for replacement funding.Clearly, Results Based Management is a major CARICOM thrust. One, that calls us to work together to address our region’s implementation deficit disorder. [1]     See: https://caricom.org/membership [2]     See: http://baastel.com/ [3]     See Channel 5 Belize video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jffvweko7jM [4]     See UN Handbook: https://www.un.cv/files/UNDG%20RBM%20Handbook.pdf [5]     See TMR, Dec 14 2018, p. 1: https://www.themontserratreporter.com/development-stifled-and-public-service/ [6]     See https://www.caricom.org/STRATEGIC%20PLAN%202016_opt.pdf [7]     See https://idscs.org.mk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/WEB-Handbook-for-EU-Project-Design-and-Project-Cycle-Management-1.pdf, also: https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sites/devco/files/methodology-aid-delivery-methods-project-cycle-management-200403_en_2.pdf [8]     See http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/783001468134383368/pdf/31240b0LFhandbook.pdf Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… May 10, 2018 CARICOM RBM sensitisation continues in Dominica Antigua and Barbuda to host results-focused Seminars Nov 27, 2018 You may be interested in… Jul 6, 2019center_img Jamaica to support the CARICOM Secretariat’s… Nov 29, 2018 St Kitts/Nevis gets Results-based Management sensitization Montserrat Reporter, Montserrat –  CARICOM[1] and its fifteen member states (including Montserrat) have long struggled with “implementation deficit disorder.” Such a region-wide problem has to be tackled on a regional basis, and CARICOM has set out to do just that. Accordingly, the fifteen member Caribbean regional body has undertaken a CDB-funded US$ 600,000 project with Baastel,[2] a sustainable development oriented consultancy firm, in order to improve delivery of strategic results. Mr Evan Green (Baastel’s vice-president of Results Based Management [RBM] and disaster risk management), is therefore helping the region to create a “CARICOM Gender Sensitive Results-Based Management System.” This is why a four-member high level CARICOM delegation recently visited Montserrat as part of a regional series [3] of meetings and seminars on RBM.[4] The delegation was led by Ambassador Dr Manorma Soeknandan, CARICOM’s Deputy Secretary General. The delegation was hosted through the Office of the Premier and held consultations with Government, Legislators, the Senior Civil Service and also with representatives of Civil Society on Monday, November 26th 2018. TMR was invited, and we now share our observations. Jamaican Officials engaged on CARICOM Results-Based Management SystemParliamentarians and senior public sector officials in Jamaica participated in day-two of the series of sensitization seminars on the CARICOM Results-Based Management (RBM) system, Wednesday. The session with Parliamentarians at the Houses of Parliament was addressed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign trade Kamina Johnson Smith. A separate engagement…August 16, 2018In “CARICOM at Work”CARICOM continues implementation of a harmonised Results-Based Management (RBM) System with visit to MontserratMontserrat on Monday hosted the latest in a regional series of sensitization seminars on the CARICOM Results-Based Management ((RBM) System.  A team from the CARICOM Secretariat, led by Deputy Secretary-General Ambassador Manorma Soeknandan, visited the island to conduct the exercise. The RBM System, which promotes a more results-focused approach to…November 26, 2018In “CARICOM”CARICOM continues implementation of a harmonised Results-Based Management (RBM) System with focus on HaitiSensitisation seminars on the CARICOM Results-Based Management (RBM) System moved to Haiti on Wednesday following visits to other Member States. The RBM System, which promotes a more results-focused approach to programme and project management, is targeting a wide cross section of stakeholders including parliamentarians, Permanent Secretaries, International Development Partners, Regional…May 23, 2018In “General”Share this on WhatsApplast_img read more